My method of writing is a bit unorthodox, kind of like me, so no one who knows me will be surprised.

A week or so ago I had the name of a book come into my head, after my morning meditation.  It is actually the third title that has come to me that way, one of which is now published “Are you the Christ” published in 2015.  The second is still gestating, and this being the third.

There seems to be three things growing in my world, three differing paths, all demanding attention at this moment in time.  Three roads must travel .  The first is becoming ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love minister.  The plan is to have this completed by the first of August, my birthday.  Second is my new virtual wellness business with Arbonne.  I am so excited about the products and the amazing company along with those I’m working with.  Last and certainly not least is this walk across England.  200 miles in the Lake District with lots of mountains and lots of bogs.  When I first contemplated this I was just going along for the ride, so to speak.  Not terribly excited, and per my usual, minimal to no training.  Somewhere in the last couple of weeks it came to me that that this is another Pilgrimage, not just another hike through a new country.  At this moment I can’t tell you what that means for sure but know that it too, is “The Road Must Traveled.”

I will keep you up to date so let’s see where this will take us  Buen Camino via the English highlands.


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