June 2 Camino Portuguese: Releasing fear, accepting our connections.

So today is the second day of actually walking the Portuguese Camino. We have decided that all books, and most people have know idea how far something really is. We read 11 Kms and were told one Km to go. Ha ha ho ho hee hee. It was actually 15Kms and so much more than 1 to go.

And yet today offered interesting musings. The roads here are very narrow and when you and a car have to share the space, with absolutely no where to go, there is a wonderful opportunity to choose fear. Fear that they will just hit you. Gregg has this belief that, if given a chance with you on the road that car is going to run you over. It is a longtime belief from being a runner in Tallahassee and there people really do run you over.

So today, with an abundance of dreams and with all my clearing out and releasing old beliefs, what came to me was, I choose to release my fear and recognize we are all in this together. I stopped jumping every time I could hear a car coming. And you really can hear them from a long way off because most of the roads today are cobblestones. I just Walked. No judgement about how close they were, no thoughts that they were out to get us. Oh my how much more pleasant. No Adrenalin pumping through my veins.

It reminded me of Ireland. When we were driving there. The roads also were narrow. So narrow that the side mirrors would sometimes be in the hedges along the roads. But, and I do mean but, those people would drive like bats out of hell and they didn’t hit us. They are used to those narrow roads, and drive them everyday. So here too, these drivers are used to skimming by pedestrians, it is an experience they do so many times each day for their whole lives.

These really are the roads, and we really did share them with cars. Cars driving really fast!

I choose to release my unwanted beliefs of fear and separation. Thanks Licia Berry. Buen Camino.



I have been looking at things I believe were messages. Dreams and the ways the Portuguese reuse their very old buildings. They go inside and remove all the walls and maybe even the floor, leaving only the exterior and the roof. Sweeping them clean to make room for a new life. Many things reminding me to release the beliefs and other things that are holding me back.

I first was asking what needed to be released, And maybe even why. As I continued to walk I realized I, me, Morgan have never really asked what or why. I hear or recognize a need and then do it.

Today I chose to release any and all limiting beliefs. To surrender them easily with the assistance of all my helpers. I did this willingly and with gratitude. Thanks go to Licia Berry and her guidance.

We landed in an oasis. A few acres of very old trees, a pool secreted behind an old stone wall. A gift to start to refill my life.

Leaving Porto heading north.

I love the way all of creation is willing to support us, we just have to be willing to pay attention.

I awoke this morning from a recurring dream, except it continued past it’s normal ending. The dream continued with my falling down house being emptied of all things down to the walls. Me I was sobbing.

When I went to write in my journal the quote in the page was ” to cross the ocean you must loose site of the shore”. Christopher Columbus

So today I am letting go of one shore and sailing into the future. Buen Camino

Portugese Camino touch down

My first over seas travel on my own! Had to buy the train ticket, get from the airport to the train station on the metro, than the train to Porto and a taxi to the hotel. Woot woot world traveler.

The guys went to a different train station. Pretty interesting as soon as I add more to the mix the confusion starts. Wonder what that says about me and communicating.

A practice walk of almost 8 miles. Up some incredibly steep roads and of course what comes up must go down. Made it to the river and the Atlantic. Ate my first fresh sardines and stuck my feet I. That very cold Atlantic.

Will do some more walking tomorrow than the real walk on June 1.

Portugese Camino day before

So I’m off. The first true day of this new journey. Started off early with the new experience of taking Lyft to the airport. Easy breezy and even learned a new route. The flight maybe rough and rocky. Miami and south Florida are in the midst of some wild weather.

The plan is to reconnect with my sister my niece and nephews and my brother I haven’t seen them in years. So happy for this opportunity.

Rekindling lost relationships. Will see how this plays out. Buen Camino.

Portugese Camino day 2&3

So yesterday I stayed busy. Wasn’t interested in much just my day to day routine.

Day 3 has started with a “What’s app” call with Gregg😁. Skype wouldn’t work without WiFi and I don’t have that at work. Thanks to one of the teachers, here we got this other one and it worked.

So what does a pilgrimage look like without leaving home? I realized this morning I need to set an intention. An intention to not just wonder through my days half asleep. So here’s my intention for the day ” I choose to be aware of Divine Source contacting me through all of creation, I ask for the help of all my teachers , helpers and team.

Portugese Camino day 1

So today is really the first day of my pilgrimage even though I am no in Portugal yet. Gregg, my husband and I have never been apart for more than a week in 30+ years. He left today and I don’t see him again till May 29th.

I will be traveling overseas by myself. Catching the train from Lisbon to Porto alone and having an empty bed till I leave.

You don’t know what you have till it’s gone. That should be a song don’t you think? Anyway, Gregg has taken care of all those details and now they are up to me. Alrighty then. Buen Camino !!